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We Provides Business Intelligence that Contributes towards Business Success

We empower Finance leaders to build a stable and resilient cross-functional Finance function that optimizes enterprise performance management and provides business intelligence that contributes towards business success.

We drive today’s transformation with tomorrow’s innovation across finance and accounting projects. 

Our Leader

Meet Our Leader

Akshar Business Consulting is led by Tejas Parikh, an experienced and qualified Finance leader with an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by the industry today.
Tejas is a results-driven, goal-oriented, efficiency-focused leader whose extensive experience in strategic financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting enables him to easily identify challenges your Finance function may face and craft unique solutions for you.

Tejas climbed the ladder of success and financial wisdom working for recognized brands including GE Healthcare, Vodafone, Unilever, Dixons, and Whitbread. His passion for streamlining Finance functions continues to help his clients connect to broader business operations and realise company’s strategic vision.

We drive today’s transformation with tomorrow’s innovation across finance and accounting projects.

Our Pledge

90-days Challenge

Time is the most valuable resource. That is why we at Akshar consulting strongly believe in time efficiency when delivering results, meaning no matter the size or complexity of the project we aim to deliver measurable improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of your Finance function within the

first 90 days of engagement.
‘Done With You’ Consulting

We acknowledged that finance leaders are dismayed by consultants who provide their recommendations and leave, while their teams are left to pick up the pieces.

That is not the way we service our clients. We do not just offer our advice but also help implement best-in-class processes and technology, working with your team, guiding them, and helping them upskill where necessary to enhance the performance and capabilities of your Finance function.

We truly get stuck with you!
Agile Methodology

Every day brings its challenges but our techniques have efficiently overcome that issue. Adopting an agile methodology, we work with individuals, processes, and tools that impact them, responding to change as opposed to following a rigid plan. Thus, we are adapting to constant developments in the business sphere and focusing on bringing you continuous results regardless of the constantly changing environments.

Adapting to your ever-changing business needs!


We are finance professionals who combine deep industry knowledge with technology expertise to create tailor-made solutions,
ensuring your financial objectives are met efficiently and effectively.


Understand your ‘as is’ in terms of challenges and aspirations


Deliver a ‘done with you’ solution to ensure a sticky solution


Support you and your team adapt to your ‘new ways of working’

Working With Us You Can Expect:


Achieved through precisely crafted growth strategies and business transformation programs.

Attained by identifying cross-functional business efficiencies and empowering data-driven decisions.

Let us equip you with the best-in-line software to boost performance.

Increasing organizational agility and implementing correct tools we quickly and easily turn figures into tangible results.

Accomplished through maximizing the value, credibility, and contribution of the FP&A function.

Prioritizing this as knowing how important it is in these uncertain times and environments.
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