From Excel to Excellence: Discover Vena’s Financial Planning Revolution

Key Learnings:

Vena’s Seamless Integration with Excel: Participants learned about Vena’s seamless integration with Excel, which allows users to leverage their existing Excel templates while enjoying the benefits of Vena’s advanced functionalities. This integration not only enhances the user experience but also ensures continuity in financial planning processes.


Governance and Control: One of the highlights of the workshop was understanding how Vena ensures governance and control over financial processes. By providing true workflow management and process auditability, Vena enables efficient collaboration among finance teams while minimizing errors and discrepancies.


Extensibility and Scalability: Attendees gained insights into Vena’s unparalleled extensibility, which caters to both financial planning and extended analysis needs. Vena’s scalable platform empowers finance professionals to adapt to evolving business requirements and complexities.


Microsoft-Centric Platform: The workshop emphasized Vena’s integration with familiar Microsoft tools such as Power BI and PowerPoint. Participants learned how to streamline their workflows by leveraging these tools within the Vena platform, thus enhancing productivity and efficiency.


AI-Powered Financial Strategies: The workshop showcased how Vena harnesses native Microsoft AI features to revolutionize financial strategies. By leveraging AI for forecasting, trend analysis, and decision-making, finance professionals can make more informed and data-driven decisions.


Overall, the workshop provided participants with valuable insights into how Vena can revolutionize financial planning and analysis processes. By leveraging Vena’s seamless integration with Excel, governance and control features, extensibility, and AI capabilities, finance professionals can enhance their efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making.

Scenario Planning: An Introduction to Process & Technology


The workshop, “Scenario Planning: An Introduction to Process & Technology,” proved to be an insightful and transformative experience for participants seeking to navigate the complexities of an ever-changing business landscape. Led by esteemed speakers Tejas Parikh and Jens Karlsson, the workshop aimed to equip attendees with a profound understanding of scenario planning and its integration with technology, particularly leveraging Bizview.


Key Workshop Highlights:


1.Fundamentals of Scenario Planning:

The workshop commenced with an in-depth exploration of scenario planning as a strategic tool. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of how scenario planning empowers organizations to anticipate diverse futures, make informed decisions, and proactively manage risks.


2. Role of Technology – Leveraging Bizview:

Tejas Parikh and Jens Karlsson delved into the heart of the workshop, focusing on the pivotal role of technology, with a special emphasis on Bizview. Attendees gained practical insights into how technology enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of scenario planning, making it a powerful asset for strategic decision-making.


3.Advanced FP&A Techniques:

Participants were introduced to advanced Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) techniques, providing them with practical knowledge that goes beyond traditional approaches. The integration of scenario planning with these advanced techniques was a key aspect, enabling participants to elevate their financial forecasting and analysis capabilities.


4.Networking Opportunities:

The workshop provided a platform for attendees to network with industry peers and FP&A experts. This networking opportunity allowed participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build valuable connections within the financial planning and analysis community.


5.Agile Planning and Analysis in FP&A:

A crucial focus of the workshop was on mastering agile planning and analysis in the realm of Financial Planning and Analysis. Attendees gained insights into adapting to rapid changes, improving decision-making processes, and staying ahead in the dynamic business environment.


6.Career Development:

The workshop addressed the importance of acquiring a highly sought-after skill set in the field of Financial Planning and Analysis. Participants were encouraged to elevate their careers by embracing the knowledge and practices shared during the workshop, positioning themselves as agile and strategic thinkers in the financial domain.



In conclusion, the “Scenario Planning: An Introduction to Process & Technology” workshop facilitated a deep dive into strategic planning, technology integration, and advanced FP&A techniques. Tejas Parikh and Jens Karlsson expertly guided participants through a journey of discovery, equipping them with practical skills and knowledge that are invaluable in a world marked by constant change and uncertainty. The workshop not only provided theoretical insights but also offered a platform for practical application and networking, ensuring that participants left with a holistic understanding of scenario planning and its transformative potential for organizations.


This workshop undoubtedly served as a stepping stone for participants to navigate the complexities of the future, armed with enhanced strategic planning capabilities and a mastery of technology-driven FP&A practices.

Advance Power BI for Finance Leaders

Topics we have covered in this workshop includes,

  1. Visualizations:
    • Master impactful data storytelling through visuals.
    • Explore Power BI’s rich visualization tools.
    • Learn best practices and advanced techniques.
  2. Row Level Security:
    • Implement robust data security with RLS.
    • Define user roles and security filters.
    • Restrict data access based on user attributes.
  3. Power BI Services:
    • Take analytics to the cloud with ease.
    • Simplify collaboration, sharing, and data refresh.
    • Publish reports for real-time access and teamwork.
  4. Power BI and Excel Integration:
    • Combine Power BI and Excel for dynamic data analysis.
    • Import, transform, and visualize Excel data seamlessly.
    • Maintain data consistency for advanced decision-making.

2 Tips to better utilise the visuals on your PowerBI dashboard

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