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At Akshar Business Consulting in London we believe that a high-performing finance function requires a delicate balance of the right personnel, processes, and technology. We can help your business to connect the dots through effective financial planning and analysis.

To ensure that your Finance function works effectively, it is essential to combine and streamline all processes with our solutions for financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting. This saves time and enhances accuracy across the business, freeing up resources to focus on what matters most – running the business.

We provide businesses across London with financial budgeting, planning, and forecasting solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Finance teams will need efficient ways to generate and disseminate real-time forecasts that reflect rapidly changing circumstances.



Driving Business Transformation

We work with businesses in London and throughout the whole of the UK and provide them with financial budgeting, planning, and forecasting solutions that help to free up their time.

Is your business ready for the everchanging global environment? Gain true advantage through real-time forecasting and scenario planning with our financial planning and analysis solutions.

  • Transform your planning cycle to unlock deeper insights into your business drivers.
  • Enable seamless coordination across business teams through consistent data, facilitated by best-in-class workflows.
  • Discover industry-specific insights by implementing what-if analysis methods for adaptive and interactive scenario planning.
  • Increase process efficiency and reliability.
  • Improve your output by utilizing our astute functional skills.

Are You Ready To Take Complete Financial Control?

We will provide a unique month-end financial consolidation process for you, supported by top-of-the-line financial software.

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